28 May 2009

Weighing In

I was a little nervous today about going to the WW meeting. It was just the first week of working the program, but it had been a rough week of staying within my allotted points. It was a long holiday weekend, a holiday that is surrounded by food! I mean, there was carne asada night at my folks, wine tasting with picnic, mimosas, and who can forget the all-you-can-eat sushi joint. But I was good, I tried really hard to choose what I wanted and have correct portions.

Then there is today, Thursday. Which is a good thing usually since the science team (my team) at work has free lunch while we usually discuss whatever is the hot data for our team. I brought my lunch, knowing that the lunches provided are usually hard to say no to and full of calories and fat! Then they go and have make your own tacos! TACOS!!! With all the fixings.... YUMMY!!! I could not say no. I had 2 tacos with extra veggies, a little bit of guacamole, beans and rice. Then I went for the shortbread cookie. I had to! I only really wanted a taste (and it was not worth it). One taste of cookie that really was all that I had. So I ended up going over my points for the day by 2, but that is ok. Even with the crazy eating weekend, I hardly used up the extra points for the week. So I was safe.

But I still had to face the scale this evening. And with the bf doing so good, I was a little nervous. OK a lot nervous. I weighed in. The WW leader was quiet. Looked at me, looked at the scale and then back to the computer. She was quiet. I was getting more nervous. Then she says, "Congrats! You did great this week! Can I give you your award publicly in the meeting?" WHAT?! I did good? I get an award? How good did I do. I lost 6 pounds during the first week! I am pretty jazzed about this. I was hoping for 1-2 pounds this week, what with all the drugs I am still on.

Now I am doing the happy dance. Wanting to celebrate by eating out. But I know that that would be the wrong thing to do. So I am going to reward myself with some pudding and a silly movie.

And the award was to mark that I had lost the first 5 pounds. A good goal! Now onto the next goal, my 5%... so only a few more pounds to go...


  1. Congrats!!! Sounds like you stuck to the plan when it mattered and that's progress :)

  2. Awesome. I was thinking "once I buy a table and take that vacation I should feed some people" then I remembered you and His Hirsuteness are on WW. I was almost going to try and remember how to cook healthy food, but apparently you guys can handle it all.

    P.S. I've discovered I don't like the high falutin' gin because of its specific brand. Just because it tastes less like gin.


  3. Thanks for the support! I am hoping this week I can maintain the weight loss, if not shed a pound or two.

    Ian - I have a new bottle of gin we should try. It was bought for coolness factor of bottle so have no idea on taste yet. And yes, I look forward to being fed at the new table.

  4. Congrats!! I was eating very healthfully until I started work, and then suddenly I got busier and it got much harder to prepare healthful food. :)