29 February 2008


I was sitting here tonight, trying to think of what to write. Something clever or interesting for my first blog attempt, with nothing clever nor interesting coming to mind.

Then my nephew comes running into my bedroom, leaves presents and proceeds to start playing the open the door, shut the door game... over and over and over. I decide to try and leave the room, but he will not let me out! As soon as I open the door, he shuts it on me. Then the giggling begins and I knew this game had just begun. The challenging game of keeping Auntie from doing what she wants to do! In this case, trying to get a glass of water.

At 19 months, he is smarter way beyond his years. If he is playing, he wishes all to be playing too. He is a true believer that work belongs at work and play happens at the home. And is actively trying to teach me this important life lesson. In the evenings this week I have been either working from home or studying for a midterm, and as long as he is up
, no work gets done. :)

Oh well, back to play time!

Off to find the midget!