02 May 2009


With this almost rainy day, one really wants to just sit with a cup of hot cocoa and watch a movie or two. However, I am swamped with a mile long to-do list as I begin my first true adventure since taking a leave of absence. It begins with me going to a bachlorette party, then heading to Texas, only to come back to California for a day, before I head to Reno all in a short 13 days. The adventure begins this afternoon and I am procrastinating packing for the overnight party. Somethings never change.

Today I woke up and there were certain things that just made me smile...
Pure blissful happiness...

Finishing the first row of the quilt. It is coming along nicely.

Finding that perfect container that fits (almost) all of my daily meds.

And seeing my garden grow. :D

new growth (but I can not remember what is planted here)
and tomatoes and squash and all are still doing well

Now to packing and adventure and hoping that my body stands up to it all!

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