28 May 2009

Less is Better

Almost done with my second week of work since my return to the real world. Not quite two full weeks, but it is close enough. Each day is a little bit better. Each day is less.

Less weird at work ~
  • less comments/questions about where I have been
  • less discussions about my health
Less in life ~
  • definitely less high fat foods
  • puffy cheeks are starting to lose some of that puff
  • the bf weighed in after week 1 of WW and is doing awesome! Less 6 pounds without cutting the hair! YAY!!! Way to go! (I do not weigh in until tonight, but hoping to also report a little less poundage)
  • I am wearing rings today! No swelling of the fingers and I have been at work all day, typing away. What an improvement!
  • Also, my feet are wearing fancy schmancy shoes (ok, fancy for me) and those feet are still in the shoes. No tap dancing around the office barefoot today.
These small changes of less are HUGE!

Every day is a little bit better than the last. Hope this trend stays for a while.

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