21 May 2009

Coming To Terms With The Scale

While I must admit that I LOVED having the time off from work (more than I ever realized I would). I now have to deal with the reality of returning to work and oh my goodness!, what changes have occurred within / around / near my body. Somethings I am powerless to change ~ the deep sunken eyes and the swollen, puffy cheeks ~ all due to steroids. And will come off eventually, when I am no longer taking them, but that is going to be a while. This is my mantra ~ it is not permanent...

It really is the overall weight gain which is stashed somewhere between the thighs and boobs that has caused me to no longer fit into my pants which were swimming on me in February!!! To do something about this weight gain, to make me accountable for what I stuff in my mouth, I joined Weight Watchers today. I knew I had gained weight. The clothes did not fit. I just do not like the way I look. But the WW scale tells no lies. In this short 10 weeks, I have gained 27 pounds! YIKES!!! It can be "hidden" with properly fitted clothes. But I really do not wish to have to buy a new wardrobe. I like the old size 10 body and my wardrobe is FINALLY fitted to that old body.

I knew I had gained weight. Who is to blame? I could blame the weight gain all I wanted to on the steroids, other new drugs, feeling bad for myself, just eating MORE, being sick, etc, etc. But I will not! I need to take ownership of my body and my life. WW will allow me to be honest with what I shovel into my mouth and with my true weight. Hopefully, even with the steroids and other drugs, I can begin to lose these extra few pounds.

It may take a while, but no more excuses. The first goal is just to lose 9 pounds ( or 5%).... we shall see how long this takes...

Even the BF is going to do the WW plan with me. YAY for support!!!
Wish us luck!


  1. To victory! Yeah, I'm basically on a permanent diet since I have to take screw-with-appetite pills forever. (People are always "But why are you on a diet you're not overweight?" which is like the old head and shoulders commercial).

    From what I hear WW has a good system. Although if you try and lose a lot of weight quickly, be extra careful to keep up strength training exercise or you will lose a bunch of muscle. Kudos to the BF also. He'll lose even more if he gets rid of some hair. ;)


  2. We ended up over at my folks house for dinner last night. Always great food and lots of it! We had a hard time sticking to the diet, but oh well. As long as we do not do that every day. :D

    Tina at Vain wishes to scalp the BF. Cut off the pony! YIKES!!!

  3. I also have 20 - 30 pounds that I'm not used to having, and would like to get rid off. Here's to our health! Let's exercise and eat so well that we live to be 120 years old.