15 May 2009

Stronger Than Before

My 12 day adventure came to an end. And what an adventure it was!

Texas was amazing! The weather was perfect Texas weather ~ nice and warm with a tad humidity and a chance of thunderstorms. It was a great chance for a good flare. But nada nothing zilch happened. YAY!!!

My twin nephews are adorable. I managed to gobble them up every chance I could get. They were both a bit sick and unhappy in the beginning of my trip, but by the end of the trip, they were smiling, playing and just so happy. The twins even wanted to show us how to play with the Wii. Running around, pretending to throw the controllers and growling at the TV. It was pretty silly.

Walking around stores in Texas with the twins was quite interesting. People will just walk up to the boys and touch them or try to pick them up. I was not use to that at all!!! My brother says that this is just normal. And NO he has not gotten use to it! WOW!!! Not sure how I would feel about that if it happened all the time. Everyone was real nice. I had no problems with anyone. It is just a weird feeling when someone approaches you and makes a bee-line to the child.

I managed to catch the twins cold. Which amazingly was great for travel. With the swine flu scare, I managed to get the whole row to myself. No one wanted to sit next to a coughing, nose blowing chica. Oh well. I flew home nice and comfortably into SFO. Caught the dance recital by Peck Peck Dance Ensemble while in SF. And had a really good time seeing the performance and catching up with my folks.

With my cold full blown, I caught a plane ride to Reno and tried to party it up. Ok. I went to bed early every night, but I still gambled my little tushy up and had a great time with the girls. I need to do these little mini trips more often. It is just so nice to get away and be with your girlfriends.

After this amazing, hectic 12 days, I feel surprisingly good (with a little tired and a nose that wishes to be on someone else's face). I really expected either the weather or the travel to cause some sort of physical ailment in my body, some sort of random flare moment. But really nothing. Maybe the Rituxan is working... Wouldn't that be awesome! I am tapering down the prednisone and am currently down to 30 mg a day. Half of where I started with no ill side effects.

Yes, I can not wait to be completely off the prednisone and able to lose the sunken in eye, chubby cheek look. I want my body and face back! But I really should not complain. I am a million times better than I was 3 months ago. My recovery is going well.

I am even going back to work next week. The true stress test... but will discuss after I start back...

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're doing so well, and able to jet all over and have fun!

    I would be weirded out by strangers coming up and touching my kids too.