03 March 2009


My home computer decided to join in on the drama. It was jealous and needed some TLC. To prove this to me, she got a little virus. And for those of us not very computer savy, like me, a little virus is a lot a pain in the butt. Best part, I had the same virus on my work computer. It was not until Monday evening that my home computer was finally virus free! YAY!!! No more disgusting talks about re-installing OS.

This weekend was rather awesome. And it is all because of you! I have to say I have amazing family and friends who are supportive in ways I could not even imagine. Thank you to everyone! Thank you for the calls, emails, IM's, cards, flowers, candies, and warm thoughts.

The work week ended with Girl Scout cookies. What a way to start the weekend. What is better than GS cookies???

Then there was an impromptu visit from my family and they brought my 2 1/2 year old nephew over. He was great, giving lots of hugs and kisses and he even brought me more chocolate and flowers. It was just nice to relax and play and not think about any of this craziness.

The next day, the bf and I are trying to be productive, but really sucking at it. I managed to lay around and read while he played video games. I think it was just what we both needed. And then we got the surprise in the mail. An Edible Arrangement! This thing was just all full of awesome as you can see!

Doesn't this thing look so scrumptious?!

It really was yummy! Many thanks to MKT, Barb and Miss T for the wonderful surprise. I had many ideas of sharing these luscouis strawberries and fruits with others. Maybe bringing some in to work on Monday... But then the not sleeping happened on Sat night... And the hunger... And a 3am snack of chocolate covered strawberries just hit the spot! It really was better than consuming GS cookies all night. (I can't believe I just said that!)

The weekend just kept getting better and better. Even without really getting enough sleep, I felt good. I was able to catch up with some good friends on Sunday who I had not seen in a while, one visit was planned and the other was a surprise from Florida. It was really nice to visit with people, face to face.

Chores are behind, I am still not sleeping, but I am feeling better thanks to all of the support.

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  1. I'm so glad you're getting the support you deserve! :D