05 March 2009

Picking Your Superpower

Wouldn't it be great, if you were a superhero and you could pick your powers? I have been thinking about this quite a bit this week. Mostly, because I am wrapping stuff up at work and there is never enough time. I find that I am being very productive, but items have a way of slipping themselves into the day. Chasing files down, calling tech support because administrator privileges are not really administrator privileges?, writing SOP's and all that last minute training and the transfer of knowledge. Secretly, it is a little fun. Running from place to place, getting things done. I just find that time is limited and that I really need a nap around 2pm.

The other super power I would want, besides the ability to stop time. I mean, really, what more could one ask for! With time stoppage, anything is possible, right?! But, no, I want more. My BLOG, I get to be demanding!

So here it is: I want the ability to pick the body part that gets to act up, that by the end of the day is swollen and tired. I am over the whole swollen elephant hand look and feeling like walking on pins n needles. Now, I know this is silly, but I really do want this...Alright, here it is, what I really want...so what I want, is my ass back! I would like all of the swelling to just move from the hands and feet and go straight to my butt. This would save me time! No more running around and having to stop to pull up my pants. All of my pants would fit (at least better than they do now) and I could use my belts. Weight loss is great, I am all for it, when it is healthy and not done because one's body feels like doing itself in.

Signing out now, thinking happy thoughts of days when the pants will fit again and there will be enough time in the world to get everything done.


  1. I want to be able to read minds...

  2. I have to agree with you on the super powers. That was always my choice. Swollen Ass?! Niiiiiccccce!

  3. You already have the superpower to write stuff that is extremely funny!

    I would like omnipotence and eternal youth, please.