28 February 2009

Sleep + Robots + -1005

Last night I was really looking forward to sleep. All the "tough" decisions have been made. I have a plan. The plan is being put forth. So now it's time to sleep. I mean really sleep. No waking up at 3am thinking about health, work, anything. Just pure sleep.

But then the dreams started. And let's just say it was just as bad as being awake. The dreams were a surreal mix between work and life. Robots were sending error codes to my head, not just to my phone, so I was seeing error codes flash across my eyes and frantically trying to solve communication problems. I felt like I was living in a Dali painting, as the error codes floated by.

Thus the much needed rest, was interrupted.

At least it's the weekend and it should be a relaxing one at that!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man. I've had nights like that. Sucks. :(