12 March 2009


Sorry, I guess this is a rant. But after spending over a week hunting down the prescription for the Rituxan. I am very very annoyed!

It really is a simple process. Doctor gives you a prescription, you get it filled. For this, there are a few extra steps, but not too many.

  • Must get health insurance pre-approval = CHECK
  • Doctor faxes approved prescription to pharmacy = CHECK (done last week)
  • I follow up and pharmacy mails me said prescription = NOT CHECK
The pharmacy did not get the fax! They have not got the fax now 4 times! Yesterday they FINALLY received the fax, said someone will call me back that afternoon to schedule delivery. Today, still no call. So I call back. Guess what!?!? Because of the type of health insurance I have and the type of treatment, the doctor has to order the drug from the manufacturer! WHAT?! At that moment, when I heard that, I felt as if I was Linda Blair and my head was beginning to spin.

How long is this going to take now? Delivery from the manufacturer? The doctor must order it? All of my PLANNING has gone out the window. And of course, the doctors office is on lunch when I find this out. So now I must wait for them to call me back. They are really beginning to love me there. Can you fill this form out, now can you make this call...

Scheduling the start of the treatment is not a problem as long as I give 24 hours notice, but they only do treatments Tuesday through Thursday. So what's a girl to do???

I really want to start treatment next week.

I want to get better.

I want to get better...

Frustrated in waiting

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