25 February 2009

What a difference a doctor makes...

The doctor's visit was awesome yesterday! I now understand what is going on within my body. I have not 1 chronic issue, but it looks like a total of 4 issues going on. It mostly makes sense. And I have a plan, that I can live with. The drug treatment plan was not my first choice, but looking at all the options available and how soon I could expect to see results, really narrowed my choices down.

I have also had to make the decision to tell work what is going on with me. That is easier than it sounds. It is really hard to admit to anyone, especially work (for me), that I am sick and going to have to take days off for treatments. I can still do my jub, but you know, you have to plan for the unknown. As I am not sure how my body will respond to treatments or in general how I will feel.

I just know that today, a few more things were checked off the "TO-DO" list, and that helps. It also is great to know that work is going to be supportive. As that takes a big weight off of me.

The silent illnesses are sometimes like dirty little secrets that can creep up on you. Sometimes it's easier not to share. Sometimes its better to just be open. I think now, I need to be open and honest, so that there are no more surprises. But with any illness, there will always be surprises.

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