09 April 2010

New Doctor

Today I met my new doctor. She was really awesome. She did everything one would expect of a doctor, but that my previous doc failed at.

We talked for an hour. About my medical history, how I was doing and any little minor annoyance she wanted to know about. She even touched me. She treated me as a whole person. Not just a paycheck. It was nice to find a very personable doctor.

The good news is she thinks I have been misdiagnosed, that is also the bad news. If she is right, things may get more complicated down the road, it may be even harder to breed, but the medications will not need to change. If she is wrong, it is still the same game, same meds and still there is always questions about breeding. I do not know which I wish for. Both options have interesting paths and both have many difficult unforeseeable moments.

Right now, I have committed to her to go for further testing. To see what is really going on. Her reasoning for the further testing is simple, to check out those minor annoyances in my life, which to her could potentially mean other issues.

So I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the least interesting path, whatever that may be. I love adventure, challenges and puzzles, but I think I have had enough of these health adventures to last me a little while.


  1. Fingers crossed. I remember when I switched from a series of "get em through the office as fast as possible" medical practitioners and found my current doc. Got her through a freak chance friend of a friend recommendation in a coffee shop. I could tell she was good when it took fifteen minutes for a new diagnosis, because whenever something didn't fit she would check it rather than sticking to her theory. Even when that was uncomfy - I had some MS-like symptoms. Sounds like good signs on your end. It's better to be treated like a person regardless of your health .


  2. Thank you. I hope everything will go well myself.