03 April 2009

Treatment Day

Well, it is finally here, after more than a month of waiting, I am going in for the Rituxan treatment. The bf made me breakfast, so I could start my day off right. I have my go-bag packed with goodies to eat, stuff to do, blanket and pillow. I am really not looking forward to the day, but am anxiously awaiting the results.

In the past two weeks, I have started to flare up, in my old school normal flare way. This means my knees and hips act up. I am used to this. But I forgot how having two softballs for knees looks and how when you walk, your hip locks and clicks with every step. The nice thing about this flare, is that the prednisone causes no joint pain and I can move around. I just feel sluggish and have huge joints.

Hopefully with today's Rituxan treatment, I will start to see some positive changes.

Off to see the clinic...

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