18 June 2009

Weird Day

Today started out great! Went to a WW meeting and found out I had lost a few more pounds (total lost so far is 7.8 pounds). Work was good. Everything seemed to be going well.

Then I decided to go for a walk. I have been walking at work a few times a week. There are lots of great trails by work. And the two trails I usually go on are 3.5 and 4 miles each. So I figure I have been doing pretty well. However, I started out on the walk. And things just began to feel bad. My knee started to ache and it was not a sore over use kind of ache. It is the kind that makes me go, Oh crap! Not this again!. After about 15 more minutes of walking, my hip began in on the fun. Not one to every want to miss out on fun! The hip started to pop in and out. Lovely! Luckily for me, my friend who I was walking with, was also not feeling up to the usual long walk, so we turned around.

Made it back to the office in one piece. But kept thinking how I wished I had my cell phone to call someone to pick us up. I am a little worried that this might be the beginning of a flare up. Even if it is not, it is definitely something to be cautious of. And I am worried how the rest of the day, week will go, if this achiness keeps up.

At least I have a fun movie night to look forward to! (a nice sedentary evening).

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